A main feature of this album is the improvisation that was involved in its creation. Half the tracks (2,4,6,8) were created starting with drumbeats, played by Seth Vanek. I basically gave him free rein to write his parts and most of the recording and production techniques were his. The tracks used are predominantly whole takes, though I did make a few loops and edits, most of them intentionally haphazard. I fit keyboard parts to the drums, and on a few there are also improvised vocals.

The other four tracks (1,3,5,7) I wrote in a more traditional 'song' like format, but the relatively quick method I use for songwriting these days involves little editing. I played all the parts for these and the recordings were made just a few days before mixing was to begin, leaving them fresh and still open to interpretation.

For mixing there was a day at Soma Electronic Music Studios. Gerard Barreto and I got our bearings and set to pulling all the sounds together through their mixing board and gear. Seth joined us for part of the session as well. We went at this part of the process with the same improvisatory spirit. Especially the 'non-song' tracks were greatly transformed, using strange boxes and all of our hands to manipulate knobs and faders in real time.

With the duality of this group of music, sequencing was an interesting conundrum. In the end the 'songs' and 'nons' are mixed together. The coin is repeatedly and predictably flipped over a few times.

Then it was all sent to Carl Saff for mastering. He did a wonderful job as expected.

Hopefully this 'album' finds you well and you enjoy some of the moments within.

Justin Petertil


"This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago
Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency."